Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez Lost Their Minds When Arizona Let the Winning Run Advance


The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the New York Mets, 4-3, on Monday. The Mets made a late threat putting two runners in scoring position with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, but Paul Sewald got Brandon Nimmo to pop out to end the game. Right before that though, Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez could not believe that the Diamondbacks allowed Tim Locastro, the potential winning run, to move into scoring position.

"They're going to play behind him. He's the winning run! What are they doing!? What are they doing!? They're playing behind him! They're giving him the stolen base. That's the winning run! Are you kidding me? (Backdoor slider misses, ball one.) What are they thinking!? How do you allow the winning run to just steal second base!? That is as bonehead a managerial decision as I've seen all year long. Unreal."

And the entire thing was punctuated by Hernandez sounding like the dessert cart just came out on Thanksgiving and his edible had just kicked in.

Oooh, woooow.
Oh my...
Oh wow.
Ooooh my gosh.

From a lesser booth, this would not be as entertaining as it is. Especially considering there were two outs so getting the batter out to end the game - as they did - was the main priority. But generally, when Cohen or one of his partners goes off, it's worth it. If for no other reason than someone else in the booth just making noise.