Mets Broadcaster Gary Cohen Caught on Hot Mic Asking Why Network Was Showing Yankees Highlights

New York Mets
New York Mets / Al Bello/GettyImages

Gary Cohen has been broadcasting New York Mets games for three decades now, so it's safe to assume there's no love lost between the announcer and the team's cross-town rivals, the New York Yankees. Some evidence of that leaked through the cracks today, when the Mets were taking on the San Francisco Giants at Citi Field on a pleasant Thursday afternoon.

After the Mets earned the first out of the sixth inning, Cohen gave his segue to cut back to the SNY studio for highlights around baseball. But only the people watching SNY on cable saw that. Other viewers watching on the SNY app, for example, still had an uninterrupted broadcast of the game. Which meant Cohen was on a hot mic and didn't know it. The SNY studio was apparently showing some footage of the Yankees-Tigers place taking place in Detroit around the same time and Cohen asked, apparently with a mouthful of food, why the network was showing Yankees highlights.

Nothing better than a broadcaster with a hot mic. Cohen wants SNY to leave the pinstripe highlights to the YES network.