Possum in A's Stadium Forces Mets Broadcast Team to Relocate


Last night, the New York Mets beat the tar out of the Oakland Athletics, 17-6. During the game, the SNY broadcast team blessed the viewers with tales of the infamous "Ring Central Coliseum possum," a possum that apparently has taken up residence in the A's stadium. It is fond of hanging out in the visitors' broadcast booth and apparently decided to leave some... droppings in there that stunk up the place so bad the A's insisted the SNY team switch booths.

That's the first minute of the video. The next three relay some horrifying tales of what the possum has gotten up to during A's games this year.

That cameraman should get a bonus for sticking in there despite the presence of a possum.

What an insane story and one that makes you question what the hell the A's are doing over there. Everybody knows they're throwing seasons in order to force a move to Las Vegas and refuse to spend any more than the absolute bare minimum to field a team, but my God! Hire an exterminator! Nobody can be that cheap!

Between that and the team giving up a whopping 17 walks, as noted above, it was a subpar day for the Oakland Athletics.