MetroCard Rat May Be New York City's Best Rat

Kyle Koster

Pizza Rat, who, by the numbers, is very much dead right now, achieved viral fame simply doing what all rats do: chow down on loose food. He was anointed as New York City’s most eligible rodent for cheap clicks and general feel-goodery.

But folks, with Pizza Rat lost under a mountain of more recent cultural zeitgeist, it is time for a new little critter to sit on the iron throne. There is no finer candidate than this. Presenting MetroCard Rat.

This is why all those “Why I’m Leaving NYC” pieces are so unnecessary. Look at a freaking rat in a subway station receipt tray and tell me that wouldn’t make even the heartiest dreamer pack it all in and return to Muncie or any other place without such integrated vermin.

Call me old-fashioned but it’s “keep the change, you filthy animal” and not “keep the change, a filthy animal.” Can I still say that with today’s sensitivities?

Gothamist got to the bottom of this and it turns out the video was filmed a year and a half ago but just posted yesterday. This means, sadly, that this rat is also likely no longer living.

Why do we, as a human society, hitch our wagons to these fragile creatures prone to burning bright so briefly before leaving this mortal world? Who’s to say?

I do know it is better to love and lost than never loved at all.