MetLife Denies Rumors of 300 Feral Cats Living in Stadium

Liam McKeone
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

The black cat that interrupted Monday night's Giants-Cowboys game has become a celebrity, as animals who make unexpected appearances on live television tend to become. The biggest question remains not where this cat came from, but where it went, as the stadium crew was unable to locate it once it escaped down the field into the tunnel after dodging security like a seasoned streaker.

MetLife released an update on the matter on Thursday morning assuring everyone they were working hard to find the cat. In this same statement, they also adamantly denied reports that there were no less than 300 feral cats living in the stadium.

Apparently, the New York Post reported earlier this week that the employees at MetLife Stadium took care of hundreds of feral cats. One employee in particular, who went by the name "Cat Man" (yes, really), said there were seven or eight colonies of cats to take care of.

Unfortunately, this robs us of a scenario where we could find an answer to the age-old question that we all have asked ourselves: Who would win, 300 feral cats or 40-50 wild hogs?