Merril Hoge Still Isn't a Fan of Johnny Manziel, Calls Him "first round hype with sixth round talent

By Mike Cardillo

Johnny Manziel will start at quarterback for the Cleveland Brownstoday. Perhaps you’ve heard the news? Perhaps you’ll tune to watch the Browns play the Bengals this afternoon. Perhaps, (dramatic pause) you have an opinion on Manziel.

Apparently ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge has an opinion on the rookie — a bold, some might even say “hot” one, in fact that an official ESPN Twitter account decided to send out. Hoge’s take on Manziel isn’t all that different from when he predicted he’d be a bust back in March prior to the draft, so at least he’s remaining consistent.

My blazing hot take: Manziel’s long-term prospects as a starting NFL quarterback will not be determined after today’s 60 minutes vs. the Bengals. Call me crazy, but we just might need a little bit of a sample size of Manziel at the pro level before reaching a conclusion.

Bonus prediction: Manziel’s performance vs. Cincy will generate many “talking points,” reactions and headlines throughout the day and coming week.

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[H/T Eye on Football]