Memphis Grizzlies Trade Chandler Parsons to Atlanta Hawks

Liam McKeone

The Chandler Parsons era in Memphis is finally over. Three years after signing the injury-prone forward to an ill-advised four-year, $94 million deal, the Grizzlies are free. Parsons is being sent to Atlanta in exchange for Miles Plumlee and Solomon Hill, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Parsons has been hurt almost the entire time he was in Memphis, and played in only 85 games in three seasons for the Grizzlies. A change of scenery might be the best thing for Parsons, who reportedly clashed with the team last year after he confronted them about their reluctance to give him minutes.

Similar to last week’s trade with the Blazers, Atlanta is engaging in a swap of expiring contracts in the hopes their new player can add value on the margins. Parsons’ contract is probably one of the worst in the last decade, but he was an okay player when on the floor. Plumlee and Hill, meanwhile, can bring much-needed veteran mentorship to a very young team in Memphis. Not an earth-shattering move, but smart for both sides.