Melvin Gordon Thinks Philip Rivers is Going to Play For the Indianapolis Colts

Stephen Douglas
Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins
Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Philip Rivers is one of the many quarterbacks to currently find himself without a forever team. After 13 years in San Diego and another three in Los Angeles, he needs a new franchise. One of the teams that has come up repeatedly is the Indianapolis Colts. Count Melvin Gordon, the man who spent the last five seasons taking handoffs from Rivers, as one of the people who think the quarterback will end up in Indy.

Nick Sirianni was with the Chargers from 2013 to 2017. He's been the Colts' offensive coordinator for two seasons. With Andrew Luck in 2018, Sirianni and the Colts had the 5th-best scoring offense in the NFL. Last season, with Jacoby Brissett on short notice, they dipped back to the middle of the pack.