Melvin Gordon Says No One in LA Cares About the Chargers

Ryan Phillips
Melvin Gordon Chargers
Melvin Gordon Chargers / Al Bello/Getty Images

Melvin Gordon continues his holdout from the Los Angeles Chargers and it doesn't look like it will end any time soon. On Tuesday night, Gordon took to Instagram to have a video chat with his followers. In it, he dropped a few bombs on the organization he's currently estranged from.

Gordon told his followers that he was, "going to play somewhere" this season and that, "it would be a waste of talent" if he didn't. But then he threw an uppercut at the jaw of the Chargers franchise. When discussing the team's 2018 performance, Gordon said the team went 12-4 en route to the postseason and the season, "was good, but nobody (fans in LA) cared."

Yikes. That's the exact kind of thing the Spanos family doesn't want players saying about their experience in Los Angeles. I mean, any rational observer is aware that no one in that city cares about the Chargers. But Spanos and Co. have created a feedback loop where their franchise is doing just fine. Obviously, they're attempting to create the perception that their move to LA from San Diego was a wise one. We all know it wasn't.

To make matters worse, Eric D. Williams dropped this nugget of info in a recent piece for ESPN: "Gordon continues to train in San Diego during his holdout." Yes, like Philip Rivers, it's clear Gordon is a big fan of the town his team used to play in and seems to not care much for the new one.

I guess it's hard to get excited about playing in a city when every home game either features a half-empty stadium or stands packed with opposing fans.