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Melvin Gordon is 'Pissed' He Paid to Change His Chargers Jersey to 25

Melvin Gordon might be done with the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers and he seems a little ticked about it. On Sunday when a fan asked why Gordon changed his number from 28 to 25 this year if he didn’t plan on playing, the running back had a great response.

Check it out:

Gordon badly wanted to switch back to his number from college, as he wore 25 at Wisconsin where he was a Heisman Trophy runner-up.

When teammate Rayshawn Jenkins switched from 25 to 23 last year, Gordon took notice:

Now it appears it was all for naught. Gordon wants a new contract and the Chargers have broken off all talks with him. He won’t be getting a new deal unless he can find a trade partner for the Chargers. That means he’s unlikely to ever play in his beloved 25 for the Bolts.