Melissa Stark Takes Football To the Head on Live TV

By Henry McKenna

A football became a head ball for NFL Media reporter Melissa Stark.

She took a ball to the noggin during a broadcast on Sunday morning in preparation for the Tennessee Titans’ game against the Los Angeles Chargers in London. Stark handled the mishap with grace, and then realized (at 1:30 in the clip below) that she was still in the line of fire. That’s when she wrapped up the segment, had fun with the moment and got praise from the rest of the crew for hanging in there.

If you’re into this sort of thing, you can check out NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport taking one to the noggin at Rapoport was far less graceful than Stark. Rapoport even asked: “Did you just see that football?”

Uh, yeah. And we saw what it did to your face.

Stark can take solace in the fact that she fared better than Rapoport. Way better.