I Will Personally Come Take the Jet Sweeps Out of MSU's Playbook and Burn Them for Mel Tucker

Kyle Koster
Mel Tucker when he sees a jet sweep.
Mel Tucker when he sees a jet sweep. / Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

New Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker did a Q&A with fans over Twitter yesterday and was expertly asked the most pressing question surrounding East Lansing right now. Will he trot out an offense there each Saturday so reliant on unproductive jet sweeps that it boggles the mind and breaks the soul? And it appears finally, after all these years, Spartans fans may see less of the dreaded wide receiver running play.

This is perhaps the first bit of good news to come across my desk in two weeks. The jet sweep rose to prominence in the MSU offense right around the time Mark Dantonio started winning 11 games a year. But like Jean Dujardin's Best Actor Oscar award and other things from early last decade, it didn't age well.

You're probably thinking, hey Kyle, you're overreacting a bit. Jet sweeps couldn't have been that big of a problem. You sound like a rabid anti-Jetite. Well, friend, think again. What if I told you they were routinely run to the short side of the field. They spawned blogs like this one that dispensed with any preamble and just got to the pleas to make them go away.

Now, there may not even be a college football season. So there's no reason to get too excited. But my gosh, if the boys in green went out there and ran anything resembling a 21st century playbook, the collective spirit in this state would rise tenfold.

Here's hoping Tucker fuels his rebuild with productive parts and leaves the obsolete ones in the past.