Mel Rojas Jr. Remains the Hottest Hitter on the Planet

Kyle Koster
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

President of the Mel Rojas Jr. for KBO MVP committee is a role I take more seriously than my roles that have actual responsibility. Readers should know that I'd be angling for him even if the KT Wiz outfielder was mired in a quarter-season slump. But he is certainly making campaigning feel easy and authentic. Because Rojas is laying the groundwork to compete for a Triple Crown this year.

The slugger leads the league in batting average (.383), homers (16) and RBIs (44). And OPS (1.148). Old-school stats like this save the analytically-averse from having to dive in any further. Everyone understands that this is all very, very good. Rojas has continued his otherworldly ability to be clutch, hitting .405 with runners in scoring position.

After looking like a mere mortal for a bit, the sweet-swinging lefty has exploded once again. Over a seven-game stretch he racked up five multi-hit games. Earlier this week he slugged his 100th career KBO dinger. Today he added No. 101.

Not long ago, Jon Sciambi noted after a cut-in highlight of the latest Rojas heroic that the general plate presence is reminiscent of Robinson Cano. That's high praise and it's not entirely hyperbolic. Same number, same ruthlessly effective swing. Side note: how great must it be to be compared to Cano? That's like if someone told you that you played the guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn or made funny faces like Jim Carrey. Sorry, those are the most recent pop culture references I know.

Eventually and hopefully, Major League Baseball will begin. But I'm betting few if any batters will be able to match Rojas' production. He is - and will likely remain - the hottest hitter on the planet all summer long.