Mel Kiper Jr. Announces He Won't Attend 2022 NFL Draft Because He Is Unvaccinated, Cites Medical History

ESPN / Mike Windle/GettyImages

The NFL Draft will kick off in less than two weeks. It's the biggest event of the football offseason and there will be wall-to-wall coverage all throughout the weekend.

ESPN will be missing a key face from its broadcast in Las Vegas, though, as Mel Kiper Jr. announced he would be unable to attend because he is unvaccinated, citing his medical history as the reason for his status.

Todd McShay missed the 2020 draft with a COVID diagnosis, so it'll be the second time in three years ESPN will be missing members of its draft team during the event. Kiper, as described above, will have some kind of virtual setup that will allow him to participate.

But he won't be on the ground in Vegas, undoubtedly a disappointing outcome for the analyst and the network that employs him.