Mel Kiper Has Tua Tagovailoa Dropping Behind Justin Herbert

Stephen Douglas
Justin Herbert at the NFL Draft Combine.
Justin Herbert at the NFL Draft Combine. / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Mel Kiper Jr. released his latest mock draft on Tuesday morning. With a little more than a week before the actual 2020 NFL Draft, teams are in danger of Kiper locking them into picks they may be floating as smokescreens. No matter who you believe, Kiper has Justin Herbert going No. 5 to the Dolphins, a spot ahead of Tua Tagovailoa who would drop to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Herbert to the Dolphins isn't a new idea. People have been floating it and shooting it down for weeks. Though not everyone has had the courage to suggest that Herbert is actually the top pick. Most people have stuck with Joe Burrow going first overall to the Cincinnati Bengals and staved off galaxy brain.

Only a few more days until Kiper is either proven right or wrong and then just a few more hours after that until everyone completely forgets which one it was.