Mel Kiper Says the Eagles Trading Carson Wentz Was a 'Ridiculously Stupid Move'

Ryan Phillips
Mel Kiper on "Get Up"
Mel Kiper on "Get Up" /

Mel Kiper was not a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles' decision to trade Carson Wentz. On Tuesday he went on Get Up and called it "one of the most ridiculously stupid moves in the history of the NFL." Oh yeah, Mel was on one.

Check out the segment below:

Kiper makes some pretty good points here. Wentz is a supremely talented 28-year-old quarterback who was an All-Pro not that long ago. During his time with the Eagles he suffered a few injuries, but so did his team. He had no consistency along the offensive line, Philadelphia failed to get him quality receivers, and his play suffered as a result.

I think the Eagles had to move Wentz at the end of 2020 because the well had been poisoned. But I also think they sold extremely low on him and the Indianapolis Colts could be getting a steal. Reuniting Wentz with Frank Reich was a great decision by the Colts, especially because they only gave up a third-rounder in 2021 and a conditional second-rounder in 2022 that could turn into a first.

If Wentz stays healthy and the Colts protect him, he could find his form after a terrible 2020. His three season stretch from 2017 through the end of 2019 was excellent and he could certainly rediscover that magic.