Anonymous Scout is Back to Say Mekhi Becton Likes Cooking More than Football

Kyle Koster
Becton thinking about a new recipe.
Becton thinking about a new recipe. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

'Tis the season for anonymous scouts to show their rear end when it comes to taking shots at NFL prospects. On one hand it's nice to slip into the velvety comfort of tradition. On the other it causes a part of one's intellectual soul to die a bit. One such evaluator is featured in Bob McGinn's look at offensive lineman in The Athletic:

Mekhi Becton, from Louisville, could be the first at his position to hear his name called next week. He's large and also in charge, which is just a delightful combination.

But one can definitely see the problem here. Imagine, if you dare, someone who weighs 364 pounds enjoying food so much that he cooks and eats it. Imagine him liking that then going out on a gridiron and getting brain damage recreationally.

The red flags fly out like a magician trying to distract from a disappearing-pigeon trick.

Look, to be fair, there's a reason why these things always come out without a name attached. The unnamed are always universally roasted and no one wants that coming their direction. And it'd be naive to think NFL teams don't care an awful lot about this stuff when the future of the organization and millions of dollars are at stake.

Still. That's a line about someone loving cooking more than football that was delivered like Deep Throat in a parking garage. Asking a lot to not laugh about the whole situation.