Megan Thee Stallion's Incredible Sky Sports Interview at F1 United States Grand Prix

Stephen Douglas
F1 Grand Prix of USA
F1 Grand Prix of USA / Mark Thompson/GettyImages

Megan Thee Stallion attended F1's United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on Sunday afternoon. While she was walking the grounds she happened upon Sky Sports' Martin Brundle who tried to interview. While Megan was very nice to Brundle, her bodyguard and the rest of her entourage were not so accomodating.

It is hard to pick a favorite part of this, but Brundle's fearlessness stands out. He starts by pointing out her bodyguard is "a very big bloke." When the bodyguard tries to swat Brundle away and Megan says it's OK, Brundle says, "I think she's happy," and "OK, boss." He then asks for a freestyle rap about F1, which she was not prepared for. That's when another guy steps in and tries to tell Brundle he can't do what he's doing, which leads to an incredible reply.

"I can do that, 'cuz I did. Yeah."

And with that, Megan Thee Stallion's first Sky Sports appearance was over. And Martin Brundle solidfied his standing as the bravest man in sports journalism.