Bob Baffert Says Bob Baffert Is Not the Problem in Horse Racing

Bob Baffert at the 147th Kentucky Derby
Bob Baffert at the 147th Kentucky Derby / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Bob Baffert and Medina Spirit are both in hot water today as the Kentucky Derby winner failed a drug test. Medina Spirit had more than the legal limit of betamethasone in his system and Baffert denies having given the horse the anti-inflamitory. Medina Spirit had 21 pictograms of the substance in his bloodstream which is more than double the amount allowed.

Baffert is at Churchill Downs this defending the honor of himself and the horse he trained. Speaking to the media, he called it a "complete injustice." Baffert says he will fight the results of the test because he owes it to the horse, the owner and the industry.

He also had this instant classic third-person quote:

"There's problems in racing, but it's not Bob Baffert."

Accorcing to the BBC, Baffert went on after that video cuts off saying, "I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but why is it happening to me?"

If Baffert is being framed here, they are going to want to track down whoever is contaminating the horses' blood samples because that really is a serious problem.

UPDATE: Baffert has been suspended by Churchill Downs and they are prepared to strip Medina Spirit of the title pending the results of the next sample.