Media's Incredible Anti-Yankees Bias Exposed by Woeful Jeopardy Category

Kyle Koster

Try not to laugh but there's a statistically significant faction out there that believes the media engages in East Coast bias with its sports coverage. These lunatics often point to the regularity with which the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees appear on national television and the intensity with which people are forced to care about them. Silly, right, given the reality that the Bronx Bombers have been one of the most undercovered and irresponsibly ignored franchises in sports for the last century.

Think about it. When's the last time you ever heard about the Yankees? Whether it be their present or storied past, the whole thing is just a giant blind spot to be filled in by any intrepid reporter who wants to put in the legwork.

Look no further for evidence than last night's episode of Jeopardy! Our collective pinstripe knowledge is alarmingly low.

One-for-five? In this economy? Why that's an average befitting of Skeeter Shelton or Enrique Wilson, the most forgettable of legends who have apparently all been forgotten.

So what's the answer for this information deficit? Clearly more New York-focused coverage. I long for the day when contestants can go 3- or even 4-for-5 about this chronically unappreciated and unexamined entity.

Like, who is Mickey Mantle? A cartoon character? Roger Maris? From Frasier?

There is simply so much work to be done.