Media Armageddon: Where Do We Go From Here? A Talk With Jason McIntyre and Crossing Broad Founder Ky

Ryan Glasspiegel

A big group of Vice Sports staffers were the latest casualty in a string of bad news for online sportswriters this year. ESPN, SI, Yahoo, Fox Sports, Vocativ, and MTV all had big layoffs before them. This conversation with TBL founder and editor-in-chief Jason McIntyre and Kyle Scott, the founder of the Philly sports blog Crossing Broad, touched on the following:

  • Reactions to the latest news
  • If you’re a writer now, how do you survive the thinning of the herd and make a living in this industry?
  • What do you do if you’d reached a pretty good income level, got laid off, and can’t come anywhere close to what you were making in the current marketplace?
  • The evolution of the mainstream media as aggregators.
  • Various revenue models: apparel, sponsorships, surveys, etc.
  • Why the legalization of gambling would put a lot of money back into the marketplace immediately.

Hope you enjoy the conversation!