Max Scherzer Broke All the Rules in One Inning

Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The New York Mets' accomplished co-ace Max Scherzer had the simple goal of getting some work in during today's spring training game against the Washington Nationals under Major League Baseball's new pitch clock rules. Through two innings everything was going just fine. In the third, things got a bit weird.

First he became entangled in a dance against time with Victor Robles which culminated in Scherzer trying to remain set during a timeout and deliver a quick pitch on 0-2. It looked to be quite an effective strategy until he was dinged with a balk by the home plate umpire.

Then Scherzer had runners on the corners and needed a double play ball. He got one, but it didn't count because his allotted time had run out. Resulting in a do-over, which is apparently part of MLB now and not relegated to backyard games with specious rules.

Max was predictably mad, the Nationals exploded for eight runs in the frame and another flaw to be fixed has manifested. If the goal is to present a better product, having exciting plays happen but are then erased entirely by a judgement call or technicality is not great.

Of course, we are simply trusting that all the potential problems will be rectified swiftly, thoroughly and beautifully now that we're along for the ride.