Max Scherzer Fired Off Fastballs During Georgetown's Graduation Ceremony

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Georgetown University feted its spring graduates with a ceremony at Nationals Park yesterday. Few things highlight the hope and brightness of full-fledged spring like 20-somethings tossing their caps in the air and Michael Scott hoping they fly as high as their dreams. There wasn't a scheduling conflict per se on Monday with the hometown ball club enjoying an off day before a three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds. But the ceremony did coincide with the time Max Scherzer wanted to get some throwing work in the books.

Which created the bizarre yet not entirely unwelcome situation of one baseball's best pitchers throwing some rockets out in deep right as the PA announcer dutifully read names in alphabetical order.

No one should be mad about this. The only thing most people remember about their college graduation is that it was boring. Or what they did instead of going to it. These Hoyas will forever remember a future Hall of Famer doing the prep work while they bided time until the afternoon reservation at the nearest Cheesecake Factory.