Max Kellerman Wants Bill Belichick Suspended

Stephen Douglas
New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals
New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Bill Belichick is up to his old tricks again and Max Kellerman is done. The New England Patriots were again kind of probably caught cheating as a film crew was recording the Bengals' sideline a week before the Patriots beat Cincinnati, 34-13. As if the results didn't say enough, the video evidence obtained by FOX was damning. So now is the time for the NFL to finally punish the Patriots by suspending Bill Belichick.

Kellerman has a good point. Draft picks and fines mean nothing to the Patriots. They have done nothing to stop the sustained pattern of cheating. It is time for the league to take real action. They must suspend Bill Belichick. For however long it takes for him to learn his lesson. There are no alternatives. And if he gets caught again? Banned for life. It's only fair.