Max Kellerman Says Michigan State Should Get The Death Penalty and Tom Izzo Should Leave the School

Ryan Phillips

Max Kellerman came out strong on Monday of First Take, it’s just a shame it was for such an awful take.

Kellerman, Stephen A. Smith and Seth Greenberg were discussing Michigan State’s loss to Syracuse from the second round of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, when Max unleashed a brutal take. He said Tom Izzo should leave Michigan State and that the school deserves the death penalty.



I think we can assume Kellerman is referring to the Larry Nassar scandal, but he rarely makes sense anymore, so who knows?

I’m not sure how a basketball program can get the death penalty for what Nassar did. And the NCAA has never given an entire school/athletic department the death penalty. What would that even look like?

There was also the Outside the Lines reporting on sexual assault investigations, but it’s unclear at this time if ESPN oversold that story in term of how much either Izzo or Dantonio knew, to tie it to the Nassar news.

Is there a chance Michigan State gets seriously wrapped up in the FBI’s investigation into corruption in college basketball? Sure, but we have no reason to believe they are any more culpable than the other schools who had players mentioned in leaked reports.

So, what, exactly should the school’s basketball program be given the death penalty for? Clearly Kellerman thinks it’s obvious because he punctuated his point with “duh.”