Max Kellerman: What LeBron James Is Doing With China Is Called Selling Out

Liam McKeone

In case you hadn't heard, there's a bit of a controversy surrounding the NBA, Daryl Morey, and China. The Lakers and Nets are finally back from their trip overseas, which most figured meant the floodgates would open for comments on how both the league and the country handled the situation.

Well, everyone got what they wanted in the form of a comment from LeBron James, face of the NBA, last night. It was not the answer most hoped to hear, as LeBron said he didn't believe Morey was "educated" about the situation he was tweeting about. This led to almost immediate backlash, and LeBron later clarified he intended to say Morey was uneducated about the potential fallout from the tweet, not the Hong Kong situation itself. On Tuesday, Max Kellerman took The King to task on First Take and said what he's doing is simply selling out (running from about 1:50-4:05).

Kellerman acknowledges the fact that Morey's tweet put LeBron and his teammates in not only a very difficult, but also potentially dangerous, situation. But as the face of the league, LeBron has far more to lose as far as his own bottom line than many players when it comes to the booming basketball market that resides in China. The way Kellerman sees it, LeBron just wasn't willing to speak out in the same way he has about different social justice issues in the past, because of the way it impacted him financially. Thus, it's selling out.

Kellerman has been one of the few prominent sports hosts to take this complicated situation head-on, and honestly has done an excellent job of articulating his thoughts on matters that few networks want to touch right now. He does so again here, whether you agree or not.