Max Kellerman: Kawhi Took LeBron's Heart

Stephen Douglas

This entire video from First Take today is great performance art. It starts out hot with Stephen A. Smith saying that LeBron's comments, "disgust" him. He then goes on for nearly three-minutes about how LeBron should have tried harder because Kawhi wears New Balance or something like that.

Not to be outdone, Max Kellerman takes the takes from hot to nuclear. He points out that Kawhi won an NBA Finals MVP award when the Spurs beat the Heat in 2014, which apparently meant a lot more than when LeBron won NBA Finals MVP the year before when the Heat beat the Spurs. Anyway, at some point between the 2013 Finals and Tuesday night, Kawhi took LeBron James' heart, according to Kellerman. That's when everyone started to shout.

Kellerman clarified that this isn't what really happened, it's just how it reads. It's almost as if Kellerman came into work today knowing what he had to say, but didn't want to totally be on record as saying it. He knew he had come up with the hottest take, but First Take had taken his heart long ago and he came up short. You hate to see it.