Max Kellerman: Kawhi Leonard is More Clutch Than Kobe Bryant And LeBron James

Ryan Phillips
Domonique Foxworth, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman on "First Take"
Domonique Foxworth, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman on "First Take" /

Max Kellerman took to First Take on Tuesday and dropped a steaming hot take on the audience and his co-hosts. Kellerman claimed Kawhi Leonard is more clutch than Kobe Bryant ever was and even said Leonard is more clutch than LeBron James. Jay Williams couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Watch Williams' reaction to what Kellerman has to say, it's priceless:

That is quite a take.

The thing about Kellerman's point is that there's no way to prove it one way or another. All of this depends on what your specific definition of "clutch" is. Is it about playing well in elimination games? Elevating your game in the postseason? Or in Finals games? Does a player have to only play well late in big games, or if he routinely plays well in the beginning of those games does it still count? Do we value defense as much as offense?

Obviously there's no way to statistically measure "clutch." So there's no way to argue this definitively.

I understand that's the point of these debate shows, but Kellerman is awful confident in what he's saying as if it is a stone-cold fact. Really, it's an opinion.

Williams' reaction throughout that segment was perfect nonetheless.