Max Kellerman's Jump Shot Is Something

2021 Sports Humanitarian Awards
2021 Sports Humanitarian Awards / Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

If you've ever wondered what a Max Kellerman jump shot looks like, man do I have news for you. On Wednesday, the Twitter account for Keyshawn, JWill & Max posted a video of Kellerman shooting from the free throw line and, guys, it's truly something.

Here it is:

I don't know much, but I can definitely say no one would call that jumper "wet."

I can see what's going on here and believe there are some easy fixes. Kellerman's jump and form are just too stiff. He needs to loosen up a bit. His left foot is also not facing the basket -- it's at a diagonal angle to the left -- which will put him off balance. Also, he needs to get his whole body into the shot. It appears he's hopping a little bit then going all arms with the actual release.

His form is regrettable but ultimately fixable with the right coaching. Or he could just continue being on TV and the radio and give up on his NBA dreams right now. At least he didn't get crossed up by Jay Williams.

I can't be the only one who now really wants to see Kellerman and Mike Greenberg play HORSE, right?