Max Kellerman Thinks Jimmy Garoppolo is Better Than Carson Wentz

Ryan Phillips
Stephen A. Smith, Damien Woody and Max Kellerman on "First Take"
Stephen A. Smith, Damien Woody and Max Kellerman on "First Take" /

Max Kellerman has really been going after Carson Wentz this week. First he argued that rookie Jalen Hurts was a threat to take over as the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback. Then, on Thursday's First Take, he claimed Jimmy Garoppolo was clearly better than Wentz. Damien Woody was beside himself.

Check the segment out below:

Kellerman's argument is Garoppolo has been better over the last few years. That's odd because he had only played nine games in San Francisco before the 2019 season. He started six in 2017, then played in three games before suffering a season-ending knee injury in 2018.

Meanwhile, Wentz has put up comparable numbers to Garoppolo's 2019 season for three consecutive seasons. He's been consistent and has been in the lineup for all but eight games.

It's completely fair to say Garoppolo was better in 2019, but he also had a much better team around him. And, frankly, he wasn't wildly better than Wentz, then he melted down late in Super Bowl LIV.

The 2020 season will tell us a lot about both quarterbacks, but there's no way you can definitively say Garoppolo is better than Wentz right now.