Max Kellerman Literally Hides From Stephen A. Smith's Wrath on 'First Take'

Liam McKeone
The best screengrab in recent TBL history
The best screengrab in recent TBL history /

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman have been working together at ESPN for a long time. As longtime coworkers do, the pair have gotten used to each other's tendencies and idiosyncrasies.

That means that when Kellerman is presented with certain questions, he knows exactly how Smith will react. Such a circumstance became reality today as the two were asked on First Take if Kawhi Leonard had the best chance of taking down LeBron James in the 2020-21 season.

Kellerman sighed heavily, answered in the negative, then literally ducked underneath his desk as Smith started to launch into a certified Stephen A. Smith rant/monologue filled with disbelieving laughter.

This is honestly one of the funniest things I've seen on First Take. The progression of the plot is swift and rewarding.

Kellerman answers. Smith chortles and prepares his response. Kellerman lets him work his way through the first few seconds, then slowly ducks from the frame. Smith bursts out laughing. The camera crew goes full screen on Kellerman's empty box. Then he sloooooowly raises his head up.

I also might add it resulted in one of the best screengrabs of my young blogging career, as seen above. Really just outstanding content.