Max Kellerman Has Angered the Track & Field Community

Kyle Koster
Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Manny Pacquiao / Harry How/Getty Images

First Take debated electric athletes today because there are two hours to fill, five days a week. Judging by the graphic, Tiger WoodsMichael Jordan and Muhammad Ali were mentioned. No one mentioned any member of the Tampa Bay Lightning which would be the correct answer.

Max Kellerman wasn’t about to accept any track athletes on the top of his list and explained why.

“It’s only a sport by a very broad definition,” Kellerman argued. “It only tests your fast twitches, right? Like, how fast can you go from Point A to Point B? How fast can you do that? Well, that’s an athletic ability but it’s only one specific kind. We don’t know his manual dexterity, we don’t know his ability to think on the fly etc, which is why track & field stars are usually failed football and basketball players.

The best athletes — because that’s where the money is — go to basketball and football and the others fall down to track & field.”

Can you believe the nerve of this guy? Saying something that at least has a bit of truth but then going a bit too far? How will he ever hack it on the big stage of sports punditry where the goal is to get no reaction?

In all seriousness, this is a fight Kellerman doesn’t want. Have you ever met a person who is passionate about running? You can tell because that’s literally all they talk about. Lot of hurt feelings coming through in weapons-grade toward ol’ Max now. That’s what happens when you poke the bear.