Max Kellerman Does Not Think the NFL Will Be Able to Finish 2020 Season

Liam McKeone
Max Kellerman
Max Kellerman /

As of today, the NFL has no notable planned changes to their regular programming from August to February other than potentially canceling some preseason games. This will be the case until circumstances dictate they must act otherwise.

The First Take crew tackled the upcoming NFL season on ESPN today, and Max Kellerman expressed his belief that, while the state of the country will probably not affect the start of the season, the end of the season is very much in question.

With the obvious caveat that Kellerman is no more qualified to talk about COVID-19 than you or I, he does make some valid points. NFL rosters are twice the size that of their NBA or NHL counterparts, so any difficulties encountered in quantity and frequency of testing compounds when it comes to football. This also naturally increases the chance of infection for all NFL players.

There's no blueprint for this, and that's what makes it all so difficult to project. Nobody knows how high (or low, if we're extremely lucky) infection rates will be in the country come fall, and there isn't a solution everyone will like if multiple players on the same team test positive. The NFL will be watching how the NHL and NBA handle their personnel testing positive closely.

A lot will have to go right for the NFL to have a full season. Given the way the last few months have played out, that doesn't seem like the best bet.