Max Kellerman is Soft and Shortsighted for Daniel Jones-Dave Gettleman Apology on First Take

Brian Giuffra

Max Kellerman has always been a sideshow on ESPN's First Take, but not even I would have dared to believe Stephen A. Smith's lackey would be so weak as to apologize for a generic take so prematurely. And yet here we are-- one game into the Daniel Jones era in New York, and Kellerman is already walking back his comments about the rookie QB for the Giants and apologizing to GM Dave Gettleman.

Has there ever been a bigger overreaction than this? While Jones was certainly impressive in his first NFL start, let's not start acting like he's the greatest quarterback to ever grace the NFL. He played one good game against a porous Bucs defense that took its foot off the pedal because their team was winning in a blowout. But don't tell Kellerman, who fawned over Jones like the second coming of John Elway and said his talent level is higher than Dak Prescott and he's as good of a QB as Jared Goff right now.

Perhaps Kellerman will have to apologize for those takes next? Or maybe if Jones struggles against a defense that isn't as terrible as the Buccaneers, he'll walk back the apology and say he was right all along? Either way, it's a lose-lose for Kellerman. One bad take begets another, and it appears Kellerman is on his way to a whole host of them on this downward spiral towards Daniel Jones redemption.