Max Homa Shanked a Shot and Nearly Hit a Camerman

Brian Giuffra
Max Homa shank.
Max Homa shank. / Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

There's always a chance of danger when you're on the golf course watching a PGA Tour event. That's just the reality when a hard ball is hit high in the air at a tremendous speed. But rarely, if ever, are PGA Tour cameramen in green-side towers put in jeopardy because of a stray ball. Pros don't really shank them that bad or that often around the green.

Enter Max Homa on Sunday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

That's an attempted flop shot toward the green that was skulled and sliced at least 30 yards in the wrong direction. Somehow the cameraman, known as "Big Bob", stayed with the shot despite the ball flying at him. Impressive.

It's been a rough week for golfers at Bay Hill, where cold temperatures and gusting wind have led to higher scores. Homa was at +2 when he hit that shot and still was in a top-15 position. This didn't help as he made bogey on the hole. Then again, after shanking his fourth shot, getting up-and-down on his next two is actually pretty impressive.