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Guy in Luka Doncic Jersey Breaks Up Fight Between Two Other Guys in Luka Doncic Jerseys

Kyle Koster

The Dallas Mavericks appeared to have their series against the Los Angeles Clippers well in hand early on Friday night as they raced to a 30-13 lead and could smell the savory aroma of a 3-0 advantage wafting down from the concourse. But Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and the rest of the visiting squad realized their backs were against the wall just in time and responded with a 105-78 thumping the rest of the way.

This all led to a down mood in Dallas postgame, which culminated in yet another fan fight in a week littered with them. It's always tough to stand out in a crowded field but when both combatants and the peacemaker are wearing the same jersey, well, that's an engaging script right there.

We haven't seen a person be in this many places at once since Michael Keaton in Multiplicity. And he largely used those powers for good. Sure there was some mischief but nothing arising to physical violence. Classic Keaton.

This is obviously regrettable behavior but it does set a high bar. Might be a long time until there are four dudes wearing the same jersey involved in a fracas. Or, considering how things have been going, we'll have the post up tonight.