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Matthew Stafford Really Threw a Perfect No-Look Pass With the Super Bowl on the Line

Kyle Koster
Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Patrick Mahomes' propensity to throw no-look passes and the copycats it's inspired have dulled our senses a bit to the absolutely astounding confidence and physical gifts required in completing one. So the fact that Matthew Stafford made the biggest throw of his career without looking at Cooper Kupp while trailing in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl he's waited 34 years to play in may have gotten buried in sexier, more controversial morning-after storylines. But it really shouldn't because the footage belongs in a Canton museum.

What are we even looking at here if not one of the more iconic passes, given the stage and stakes and degree of difficulty, the game has ever seen? If you think that's hyperbolic, I guess I'd challenge you to think of a handful of better throws made while the quarterback was looking in Super Bowl-deciding moments.

Hitting Kupp perfectly in stride was like someone sticking the landing. The perfect exclamation point.