Matthew Stafford is Not Retiring

Liam McKeone
Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams' title defense has gone historically off the rails. They are already eliminated from the playoffs, the earliest a defending champ has been eliminated in nearly 30 years, and every single difference-maker outside of Jalen Ramsey is on the IR. That includes Stafford, who got beat up over the first two-thirds of the year and hit the injured list with a spinal cord contusion earlier this month.

That is obviously a very concerning injury. Pair that with Stafford's rather extensive history of bad injuries and many wondered if the quarterback would retire once the year was up. Stafford apparently heard all that noise and nipped it in the bud quickly as he told his wife, Kelly, on her podcast Tuesday that he would not retire.

It is a bit surprising this narrative got off the ground. Stafford has taken a lot of big hits over the years and has already reached the pinnacle of his profession, but he's only 35 years-old. He has a few good years left in him yet. And this year's Rams team is not indicative of a collapsing roster on the verge of disaster. It was an everything-goes-wrong type of season that shouldn't have much hold over next year assuming all key parties return to the team. The core of the Super Bowl team is still very much around and didn't drop off this season when they were on the field.

Stafford and the Rams aren't going away quite yet.