Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw Went to the Same High School

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw now both play in Los Angeles, which means that hearing about how they went to high school together will only become more inescapable — a shocking turn of events as just a few short months ago, the only people still mentioning it were doing so ironically. But much like the fashions of Seinfeld, the pendulum has swung the other way and now looking like Kramer rolling into Rudy's to purchase some secondhand gear is now the apex of Fit Culture.

The new Ram was asked about growing up playing an array of sports with Kershaw in University Park, Texas on what has to be a morning show based on the bright, vibrant colors and reacted like everyone else who has heard the note used on a game broadcast over the past 10 years.

You feel bad for the guy. At the same time, if there were ever a doubt that this is a first-ballot Hall of Fame Sports Nugget, that can be put to rest. In 2067, with the polar ice caps covering most of the Eastern Seaboard, there will still be a ham-radio operator in a submarine mentioning this pair's shared history.

Comforting, in a way.