White House Reporter to Matthew McConaughey After Emotional Uvalde Speech: 'Are You Grandstanding?'

Win McNamee/GettyImages

Matthew McConaughey, whose hometown of Uvalde was the site of a horrific mass shooting that claimed the lives of 19 children and two adults on May 24, delivered a speech about guns today in the White House press briefing room. It included some heart-wrenching details, including that one of the victims was only identifiable due to her bright green shoes that had a heart drawn on one of the toes.

For having the audacity to suggest that those in charge do something to prevent more children from being mowed down at their schools, the actor was treated to this shouted question from a White House correspondent as he made his way out of the room.

"Are you grandstanding?"

Someone got all dressed up in their suit and tie like Tom Hanks in Big, listened to pleas for basic decency so more children don't get killed that carefully meandered through any terrain deemed "overtly political," waited until McConaughey couldn't answer, and then used their voice to say that.

Who? Who did it? The why is obvious. But who? Which reporter was it?

And honestly, maybe McConaughey was grandstanding a bit. Those kids are just as dead. The victims of the next mass shooting that happens as we sit idly by will be just as innocent. I guess I am left to wonder, on a very basic level, why someone chooses to make a living this way? How they can turn off emotions and empathy and seize on that chance to build their own brand?

Hope it's worth it.