Matthew Berry and ESPN Parting Ways After 15 Years

Gustavo Caballero/GettyImages

Matthew Berry and ESPN have parted ways, with both putting out statements announcing the news on Monday afternoon. The venerable fantasy football presence joined the company back in 2007 and his 15 years saw an incredible explosion in popularity within the sector. That eventually led to a Sunday morning schedule that includes Fantasy Football Now.

Fewer people have been more clearly ahead of the curve and his unique style has been imitated yet never truly replicated as the field expands. Both sides here clearly trumpeted each other's praises in their messaging as they enter the new era.

With so much of the conversation in the sports media carousel focused on insiders and the varied interest from sportsbooks, Berry's name has been lingering in the background. His expertise in that area seems like it would facilitate a smooth transition and opportunity to become one of the primary faces of an outlet. There is clearly a more concrete blueprint for utilizing his brand than utilizing first-to-market scoop merchants, so there figures to be ample competition for the continuation of his services.