Matt Vasgersian Talks NL Wild Card Race, Working With A-Rod, Observing Vince McMahon in XFL Era

Ryan Glasspiegel

Matt Vasgersian joins the podcast this week! He will be calling the National League Wild Card game for ESPN on Tuesday night alongside A-Rod and Jessica Mendoza. We discussed:

  • The madness of there being five teams who could play in the Wild Card game with just a few games left to play in the regular season.
  • If he ever thought about quitting when he was toiling through the minors in his twenties.
  • The job he badly wanted but didn’t get, and getting his break into the major leagues a year later. (Both involved the Brewers.)
  • Calling the XFL, and a fascinating story about watching Vince McMahon micromanage every element of Monday Night Raw.
  • What the public doesn’t know about A-Rod
  • His favorite rock band of all-time and who he thinks is most overrated.

Hope you enjoy!