Matt Skura's Michael Jackson-Lamar Jackson Shirt is Fire

Brian Giuffra

"I wanna rock with you, Lamar Jackson, because you're a smooth criminal on the field and you rocked my world, you know you did, cause you're a thriller, thriller yeah!" - Matt Skura, probably.

Michael Jackson, singer of those mashed up lyrics above, was one of the greatest entertainers of all time. But there's a new superstar on the stage and his name is Lamar Jackson, quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, and Matt Skura, offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, wants you to know it.

King of Pop, meet the new King of the NFL.

The hype surrounding Jackson certainly resembles the outpouring of excitement when a young Michael Jackson was the frontman for the Jackson 5 back in the 60s. And with shirts like that, his commercial appeal should continue to grow too. It won't ever reach the heights of MJ, but as LJ said earlier this week when he was asked to compare his game to Texas QB Deshaun Watson's, Jackson is not trying to be anyone else, though he may have to bust out a moonwalk celebration to thank Skura for the shirt.