Matt Schaub Confronted by Angry Fans at His Home [UPDATE]


Matt Schaub, the embattled Houston Texans QB, is having a bad month. Sunday, Schaub threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown for the fourth straight game, setting an NFL record. The 34-3 loss to the 49ers dropped Houston to 2-3 and Schaub was benched in the second half for backup TJ Yates.

Tuesday night, CBS Houston reported angry fans showed up at Schaub’s house to tell him off and take pictures of his family. No arrests were made during the incident.

A fan went to his house and told him off,” said the source, adding that another person “took pictures of his family,” which were allegedly posted on Facebook. Fortunately, neither Schaub nor anyone in his family was hurt.

The irate fans left on their own accord before police could respond, and it’s believed Schaub and the Texans contacted NFL Security which asked for assistance from the Houston Police Department after the incident, according to the source.

This is not a good look, Houston fans — it’s just sports!

[UPDATE: The Houston Police twitter – it is unverified – account just said the following: There was “not a group of ‘angry fans’ outside the Schaub residence on Monday. A family member reported seeing a suspicious male in the driveway of the residence taking pictures. Police were not called to the home.”]

Showing up at Schaub’s house and berating him is definitely going to help him improve his performance, right? What better way to regain his confidence than showing up at his house to inform him (in a polite manner, no doubt) how much he sucks!

The Texans are home this Sunday against the lowly Rams. Schaub will be booed. He probably won’t throw a pick-six, but don’t rule it completely out.