Matt Patricia Doesn't Really Have the Credibility to Act Like Bill Belichick

Ryan Glasspiegel

Matt Patricia is finishing up a season in which the Lions are measurably worse than they were under his predecessor Jim Caldwell. In the midst of this tenure, he has had battles with the media from the start ranging from criticisms he’s made of their lack of enthusiasm for their jobs to their posture. (And this is to say nothing of his lengthy, defensive explanation for practicing in the snow when all their games in the foreseeable future would be indoors.)

You’d think that perhaps he might have been humbled by his team’s performance, but you’d be incorrect. Here is a sample from his media availability today:

Look, I’m a Packers fan and a member of the national media who likes when coaches provide layup content, so if I could vote on it out of self-interest I’d be ecstatic if the Lions gave Patricia a lifetime contract. But, if I were running the Lions, I’d be thinking long and hard about making him a one-and-done.

This type of curtness works for Patricia’s mentor Bill Belichick, who has won five Super Bowls and reached three more as a head coach. These answers might even be more Belichick than Belichick. But, it sure feels like the train is careening off the tracks for Patricia as the Lions are 5-9 (and 2-6 in their last eight games) coming off consecutive 9-7 seasons. It would be genuinely astonishing to me if he ever wins a playoff game as head coach of the Lions.