Ryan Clark Went Off on Matt Nagy After His Me-First Press Conference

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears beat the Detroit Lions on Sunday as Justin Fields bounced back from an abysmal first game as a starter. Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor took over playcalling duties from Matt Nagy and the Bears only allowed one sack. After the game Nagy told the media that while Lazor had called the plays, "ultimately it goes through me." Ryan Clark took issue with Nagy's postgame comments with extreme prejudice on Get Up this morning.

Harsh.. but fair. Nagy doesn't seem to do anything right, including give credit to others. What's even worse is that this morning Nagy told the press that Andy Dalton is still QB1 in Chicago.

The idea of going back to Andy Dalton, heck, the idea of letting Andy Dalton start at all after Fields appeared to outplay him the entire preseason is something that only Matt Nagy truly understands. And his attitude about all of it really rubs people the wrong way. Ryan Clark is not alone here.