Matt Nagy Disaster Somehow Just Got Even More Awkward

Brian Giuffra
Matt Nagy and the Bears are a disaster.
Matt Nagy and the Bears are a disaster. / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Matt Nagy feels like a dead coach walking. Reports surfaced earlier this week suggesting today is his last day coaching the Bears. Those reports were shot down by team chairman George McCaskey and Nagy himself.

It appears not everyone got the message.

Jay Glazer reported today that after Nagy told the team the report was inaccurate, some players still came up to Nagy to express their condolences and appreciation for their time working together even though the end has not arrived. Yet.

After failing to develop Mitch Trubisky into a competent quarterback and mishandling the Bears quarterback situation at seemingly every turn, it seems fairly certain Nagy will not be the Bears coach after this season. But it does seem he'll remain the head coach for the rest of this season.

No way the Bears can fire him now. Then they'd be liars. As a franchise, they don't fire coaches mid-season anyway, so no surprise.

But now they have an awkward situation on their hands. As a lame-duck coach, Nagy won't have much influence amongst his players. That doesn't tend to result in great performances. That'll be even worse for a coach who will likely be looking for a new job after this season.

As if things could have gotten worse.