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Matt Nagy Gets Cooked on Chicago Sports Radio

Kyle Koster
Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Precious few Chicago Bears fans thought their team was any good headed into Monday night's game against the Minnesota Vikings but even the most optimistic supporters will struggle to say anything nice after another Matt Nagy special. An impotent offense once again managed to muster three points in the first 59:59 of the game, allowing Kirk Cousins to look like Johnny Unitas by comparison. Chicago is now 4-10, facing an inevitable change at the top of its management structure, and still looking for its first playoff win in 11 years. This campaign has been a slow-moving disaster, often feeling like the definition of insanity, going out there and doing the same ineffective things again and again with a revolving door of quarterbacks failing to make any impact.

After the final whistle and meaningless touchdown, veteran sports radio man Ed O'Bradovich positioned himself in front of a WGN radio microphone and let Nagy's coaching staff have it.

Hell yes. There's nothing more pure in 2021 than a local radio guy speaking for an entire fanbase when the sting of a loss is still fresh. That's where the best content comes out as well. The Nagy stuff has lingered on far too long, even if the embattled coach has gotten an unfair shake in the luck department. If it's not clear by now that he's not the guy to shepherd Justin Fields into the future, then what's it going to take?

Keep giving 'em hell, Ed. Eventually someone has to listen.