Matt Nagy Wants to Shield the Chicago Bears From the Negative Press

Stephen Douglas
New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears
New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears / Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday, 36-25. It was the Bears' second straight loss, despite the return of starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky. After the loss, coach Matt Nagy lectured the media about negativity and let them know that he had told his players to ignore all of their negativity.

It is unclear who in the media forced Trubisky to drop back and throw 54 passes in what was almost exclusively a one-score game throughout the first half. Meanwhile, the Bears ran the ball a total of seven times for 17 yards. Trubisky finished with two touchdown passes, but just 251 yards which works out to a pitiful 4.6 yards per attempt.

Can't imagine what the media would have to say that Nagy wouldn't want his players to see or hear.

The team is in trouble. The quarterback is bad. What's the coach going to do about it? What can he do about it? Nagy has to stick with Trubisky. His only other option is backup Chase Daniel. It's not like there's some free agent available who could take a team to a Super Bowl. Nagy has his crappy quarterback and he has to ride him until he gets fired.