Matt Miller May Have Broken Marcus Spears With Trey Lance-Lamar Jackson Comparison

Ryan Phillips
Marcus Spears reacts to Matt Miller on "NFL Live"
Marcus Spears reacts to Matt Miller on "NFL Live" /

Matt Miller was on Wednesday's NFL Live to lend some draft expertise to the show. The subject of North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance came up and Miller's player comparison for the future first-rounder may have broken fellow panelist Marcus Spears.

Miller said Lance reminds him of Lamar Jackson and thinks that's the path a team drafting him should take. Spears couldn't believe what he was hearing.

The segment is below:

That is some quality ESPN content right there. Spears absolutely couldn't understand what Miller was seeing. It was a fantastic, genuine reaction.

Lance is a big, strong, athletic quarterback. I don't think he has the straight-line speed Jackson does, but I understand what Miller is saying. Dan Orlovsky chimed in on Twitter to say he believed Donovan McNabb, Dak Prescott and Steve McNair were better comparisons for Lance. I can see that as well.

If Lance plays as a rookie, Miller is right that the team selecting him needs to craft an offense that allows him to be athletic until he gains some polish. The jump from FCS to the NFL will be huge and he only played one game in 2020 as he decided to opt out and prepare for the draft. A rigid offense that doesn't allow him to utilize his athleticism wouldn't play to his strengths.